a few projects

  photo by phil provencio
  • quarantinologues
    dead man's cell phone
  • SunnyD
    ashlee + sunnyd
    social media campaign
  • eToro
    ashlee + eToro
  • safeauto
    ashlee + safeauto
  • WFAA midday news
    ashlee live on ABC
    WFAA midday news
  • carolines
    ashlee on stage
    carolines on broadway
  • big little comedy festival
    ashlee on stage
    big little comedy festival
  • clinique
    ashlee featured on
    clinique celebrates personal bests
  • WBAI Radio
    ashlee on WBAI 99.5 radio
    tall tales in the big city (@ 30min mark)
  • StartUps
    ashlee at 500 startups
    entrepreneurship & diversity summit
  • real queens of kings county
    webseries: as carter henn on
    real queens of kings county
  • Movie Recall
    ashlee on
    movie recall